She Being Me

Question? Hmm?   The point of view of She: Writer, Thinker, Traveler, Worrier, and Dreamer.
She, Being Me.


In this Instagram world,

my dear,

find the right filter to place on our fractured love.

Will it be Hefe or Mayfair?

Amaro or Lo-Fi?

Endeavor to color us with the sheen of the dreamlike and the sepia and

take away the cracked veneer of a love that’s no longer a love at all, but a battle, such a battle.

And when you do,

I will like it into infinity, I will double tap until my fingers bleed,

hashtag it #beautiful and #nogreaterlove,

and I will smile because I am looking at this rendering of true love,

the truest,

the kind of love you and me abandoned long before lives were posted

on small screens in passing vignettes.

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Mom: That’s Fernand from Count of Monte Cristo? Are you sure? The little boy with the milky skin?

Me: Yes, Ma. It’s Fernand.

Mom: Oh, ok. Maybe I’ll stay up and watch the movie. 

Mm hmm. She ain’t blind!

(Note that she’d rather fall into a thorny rosebush than watch action films.)

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I love my skin!

She continues to remain everything. In case you were wondering?

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The stranger on the train who transfixed me. I adore seeing people engrossed in books, so engrossed, that they chew on their fingernails and just seem happily lost. The world of a book…

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Loving every bit of these photos. The lovely women of Downton Abbey.

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Chocolate. World class. Right here.

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Karlsruhe Schloss, Germany (by r.dahl)

I long to know where this path leads…


Karlsruhe Schloss, Germany (by r.dahl)

I long to know where this path leads…

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