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Question? Hmm?   The point of view of She: Writer, Thinker, Traveler, Worrier, and Dreamer.
She, Being Me.

Mom: That’s Fernand from Count of Monte Cristo? Are you sure? The little boy with the milky skin?

Me: Yes, Ma. It’s Fernand.

Mom: Oh, ok. Maybe I’ll stay up and watch the movie. 

Mm hmm. She ain’t blind!

(Note that she’d rather fall into a thorny rosebush than watch action films.)

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I love my skin!

She continues to remain everything. In case you were wondering?

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The stranger on the train who transfixed me. I adore seeing people engrossed in books, so engrossed, that they chew on their fingernails and just seem happily lost. The world of a book…

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Loving every bit of these photos. The lovely women of Downton Abbey.

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Chocolate. World class. Right here.

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Karlsruhe Schloss, Germany (by r.dahl)

I long to know where this path leads…


Karlsruhe Schloss, Germany (by r.dahl)

I long to know where this path leads…

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our cocoon of silence is
not a mutual punishment.
we breathe inside silence, you
and i, feeding off the unuttered
thoughts that dangle in the air,
pulling the invisible strings until
they rest on our beating hearts.
you know me, and i know you.
ours is not silence as withholding—
it is silence with holding.
silence with entwined hands.
silence with bowed heads,
in appreciation of our quiet communion.
words have been the crutch we never needed, white noise that belonged outside of us.
and so when you sigh, i sigh,
for us—
it means i love you.

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